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Horace Mann is sponsoring easy access to Health World’s e-learning library with hundreds of virtual lessons on health, safety, SEL and “brain breaks.” For Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve pulled together some of the most popular lessons for Elementary School students to make it easier to get started.

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Program: Accepting Yourself & Others

This course is designed to teach children about the concept of self-esteem and the role it plays in having healthy friendships.

Topics Covered:

  • Self-esteem
  • Positive self-talk
  • Respecting others’ feelings
  • Ways to handle anger
  • The Golden Rule
  • Benefits of a positive attitude

Accepting Yourself & Others program fact sheet
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Program: Safety Smart® Online

Timon and Pumbaa learn they need more than a computer or a game console to surf the web – they need safety smarts! Our friends learn the importance of protecting their personal information, how to be responsible digital citizens.

Topics Covered:

  • Information online isn’t always private
  • How to protect personal information
  • What to do if they receive a message that makes them uncomfortable
  • Cyberbullying
  • Messages and video on the internet last forever

Online safety

Program: Body Image: Straight Talk for Teens

The course will outline the choices teens have in light of media messages and other influencers. Students will learn to how to obtain a healthy body image. The desire to change their body by using chemicals, disordered eating, dieting, and cosmetic surgery in order to achieve “perfection” will also be discussed.

Topics Covered:

  • Positive and negative body image
  • Factors that influence body image
  • Impact of the Media
  • Ways in which a person may try and change his/her body: Dieting, Chemicals (including steroids), Disordered eating, Cosmetic surgery
  • Making healthy choices with nutrition and exercise

Body Image: Straight Talk for Teens program fact sheet
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Program: Brain Breaks

Pure Brain Breaks are simple and effective strategies to alleviate stress and to calm over-stimulated minds. The exercises, 1 to 5 minutes in length, are designed for easy classroom implementation. Participants can perform these seated or standing, at desks or on the floor.

Topics Covered:

Strategies are based upon Five Principles of Health & Wellness:

  • Body
  • Breath
  • Mind
  • Attention
  • Engagement

Pure Brain Breaks

Program: Staying Healthy

In this course, students will learn five specific ways to take care of their body systems, including daily physical activity, healthy eating, proper hand-washing, sufficient sleep, and proper dental hygiene. The course also explains the consequences of not utilizing these healthy habits

Topics Covered:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Hand washing
  • Sleep
  • Proper dental hygiene habits

Staying Healthy program fact sheet
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Program: Safety Smart® At Home

Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they make sure their new home is Safety Smart®. Participants will realize the importance of safety and learn a variety of ways they can help themselves and others avoid injuries.

Topics Covered:

  • Rules for being safe at home
  • Ways to prevent accidents and injuries

Safety Smart® At Home

Program: Choices & Consequences

In this course, students will be provided with the facts about four gateway drugs: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants.

Topics Covered:

  • Safe versus unsafe administration of over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • Short and long-term consequences of 4 gateway drugs: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants
  • Influence of media on decision-making
  • Making healthy choices
  • Ways to say “no” to drugs

Choices & Consequences program fact sheet
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