Are your beneficiaries up to date?

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Life changes … have your beneficiaries? Major life events, such as birth, marriage, divorce, retirement or death can happen at any time. And when major life changes occur, it’s important to make sure your beneficiaries for your accounts are up to date.

Naming a beneficiary

If the unthinkable happens and you haven’t named a beneficiary, state law will determine who receives your assets. This means your family or loved ones who rely on your income could be left without the resources they need. It’s important to name your beneficiaries so you can rest easy knowing they will be taken care of.

Keeping things current

When is the last time you reviewed your primary or secondary beneficiaries on your accounts? Circumstances change, so taking the time to review your beneficiaries and make any necessary updates will help protect your assets from potentially transferring to the wrong person. And even if your beneficiaries haven’t changed recently, log in to your accounts and confirm their contact information is still accurate.

Have questions about how to go about naming or updating a beneficiary? Contact your local Horace Mann representative for more information.

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