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It’s National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month. If you volunteer regularly, we thank you for giving back to your community to help others, provide needed services and give of yourselves. This month is also a great opportunity to encourage others to become volunteers and applaud the spirit of volunteerism.

Volunteerism has long been a valuable asset in communities across the country, especially in smaller, rural areas that would otherwise struggle to provide needed services without volunteers. And often, people in communities with few resources are the ones who benefit most from the efforts of volunteers who help with things like food pantries, donating clothing or goods, social services, or even emergency services like firefighting and emergency management.

So how can you get involved or encourage volunteerism in your community?

  • Volunteer your time and talents – find your fit with a volunteer position that fits your skills.
  • Recruit others to volunteer with you – kids, grandkids, neighbors and friends; make it a social event.
  • Ask city or township leaders about areas of greatest need that don’t require professional skill.
  • Look for opportunities to give time to the elderly, veterans and the poor – those who may need or want help, but may not ask.
  • Don’t forget about our furry friends – animal shelters and animal protection agencies need assistance, too.

In short, look for opportunities to lend a hand! Your reward will be camaraderie and the feeling of satisfaction from helping others.

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