Stay safe (and sane) during March Madness

friends watching basketball game

We know it’s only February, but the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – a.k.a. March Madness – will be here before we know it. A field of 68 teams will tip off to try to make their hoop dreams a reality. And millions of basketball fans will be glued to the action.

Before you crank up the music for “The Big Dance,” take a moment to draw up a game plan to enjoy the festivities safely.

Give yourself a timeout – Once the tournament starts, it’ll be easy to spend hours plopped in front of the TV. Take regular breaks to move around, stretch out and rest your eyes.

Eat healthy – Everyone loves a good game-day buffet, but try to stock up on healthy snacks. This Pinterest board has some incredible recipes!

Don’t drink and drive – Fans who, under normal circumstances, would never dream of taking the wheel after drinking alcohol might be tempted to drive after a long day of hoop hysteria. If you plan on drinking during your tourney watching, make plans to get home safely.

Don’t let spoiled food spoil the fun – We’ve all been there. You’re hungrily eyeing that French onion dip and wondering “How long has that been out?” Don’t take a chance.

Don’t stress – Whether your alma mater is in the tourney or you have some money in a pool, it’s easy to get emotional – especially if the scoreboard isn’t in your favor. Remember: It’s just a game!

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