Life insurance is more important than ever

With all the uncertainty around us, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what if” and the worry. But it’s in these very moments that we must hold on to what’s important and focus on the things we can control — like protecting the income our families count on.

If we haven’t learned anything else, we’ve learned how important it is to be prepared during challenging times. According to a recent Associated Press article, there’s been an uptick in the interest for information about wills, estate plans and life insurance. Do you currently have life insurance coverage? Would it be enough to help your family through if you died? And if you’re furloughed from your job, will you still have life insurance coverage available?

If you’re not sure you have enough life insurance to help protect the income your family needs, talk to your Horace Mann representative. With a variety of Horace Mann Life Insurance Company products to choose from, you can find life insurance at rates that are more affordable than you may think.

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