Life insurance is a simple act of love

life insurance

You may have seen life insurance referred to as “love insurance”. After all, it can help your family get by financially if something should happen to you. And during February, the month that we think of valentines, what better way to show your love and prove you’re thinking about your family’s future than through life insurance?

Why is life insurance so important?
Life insurance can help replace income that you or another breadwinner brings into a family. It can help provide money to pay off a mortgage, bills and other expenses, and even provide funds for education. And yet, figures show that many families have little or no life insurance protection.

What does this mean to you?
Well, if you have a family, or anyone who would be affected in a negative way financially if you were to die, you should seriously consider adding life insurance protection. Of course, we’d like you to consider life insurance protection from Horace Mann Life Insurance Company. In any case, if you have never purchased it, the first step is to learn more about life insurance.

The most inexpensive type of life insurance will be term life insurance coverage. For a certain period of time (term), you are purchasing a certain amount of coverage that would be paid only upon your death or the death of another breadwinner. There is also a form of term insurance called cash value term which accumulates cash value over the life of the policy, and if you do not utilize the policy over the term, you can receive the cash value at the end of the policy term.

There are also more permanent life insurance policies, such as whole life insurance, indexed universal life insurance (IUL), universal life insurance (UL) and variable universal life insurance (VUL). While these can be more expensive than term policies, they provide other financial benefits and flexibility, and they can also provide additional death benefit.

You can learn more about these different types of policies on our website.

How do you get started on purchasing a policy?
You can contact your Horace Mann representative. He or she can provide more information about Horace Mann Life Insurance Company life insurance options and can give you a customized life insurance quote. If you want to try to determine how much coverage you might need, you can access our Life Insurance Needs Analysis. And if you‘d like to get a term life quote to find out how inexpensive it could be for you, just use our life quick quote tool.

For more information about the power of life insurance, check out this year’s “Insure Your Love” campaign. Every February, and Horace Mann team up to promote “Insure Your Love” and share real-life examples of families who were helped by life insurance coverage, and also those who did not have it and wished they had.

Life insurance is a simple act of love.

Horace Mann Life Insurance Company underwrites Horace Mann life insurance products.

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