Is inflation affecting your life insurance?

With the cost of living going up, your life insurance coverage may not be enough.

Effects of inflation over 30 years*

We can see the impact of inflation all around us. Just look at how the price of goods and services has risen. As inflation continues to rise, so will the cost of living in the future. Is your life insurance protection keeping up?

Families depend on life insurance benefits if something happens to the breadwinner of the family. Consider this: If inflation continues at a rate of 3.75%, $100,000 of coverage today will be worth less than $60,000 in real dollars in 15 years.

It’s important to ensure you have adequate life insurance coverage not only for now but for the future. Your Horace Mann representative can help you evaluate your coverage and provide you with a free life insurance needs analysis.

Don’t let your beneficiaries get caught with inadequate protection. Contact your local Horace Mann representative today.

*2021 website (from Consumer Price Index)

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