Get an annual policy review

A lot can happen in a year — a move, marriage, kids and more. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to meet with your Horace Mann representative to go over your insurance policies to make sure they’re up-to-date. Here are two more.

Dig into discounts
Is your insurance bill as low as it could be? Check with your representative for opportunities to save on both auto and home insurance with discounts you may not even know you qualify for. (Think multicar, good student, anti-theft devices and many more.) You could save even more if you have different types of insurance with us.

Special belongings could use special coverage
If you have a home insurance policy with Horace Mann, you can opt into specific coverage on individual, high-value items. It’s called “scheduling” personal property, and it’s particularly important because some types of property (like jewelry) have a set limit for coverage under a basic home insurance policy. Not only does scheduling items work around those limits, but it allows you to avoid paying a deductible if these items are lost or stolen as well.

Contact your representative to schedule a household review and keep your overall insurance and financial strategy on track.

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