Local Educator Recognition Programs

Education Programs

Many of our agents use programs established by Horace Mann to help recognize excellence in the schools they serve:   

  • The Crystal Apple/Crystal Owl Award recognizes educators for the outstanding work they do or a significant achievement in teaching.
  • The Outstanding School Employee Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in contributing to student development.  
  • The Mugs and Kisses Award recognizes educators for everyday excellence in their profession.

Your local representative works with school administrators to personalize these programs to meet their specific needs.  Our representatives can help with:

  • selection criteria (e.g., voting by peers, chosen by a committee, selected by principal or school administrator);
  • determining how recipients are chosen;
  • determining how awards are presented (e.g., special reception, school assembly, faculty meeting);
  • program administration; and 
  • complementing other recognition programs established by the school or district.

In return, as the sponsor, Horace Mann supplies the award, and your local representative makes the presentation and notifies local media on the school’s behalf.  

Contact your local Horace Mann agency to learn more about the local recognition programs they support.

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