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"Stress free claims process"

I had a total loss with my automobile and they were so prompt at getting claim paid and settled. Most importantly, the customer service was excellent! No hassle, questioning, nor stress from them during this experience.

Jun 18, 2020    Maris

"Horace Mann Insurance is the best!"

Horace Mann Insurance is an amazing insurance company. We had a house fire that destroyed our house. We had to completely rebuild from the foundation up. Horace Mann was there every step and did not give us any problems. They paid out the entire structure within months of the fire and with our contents insurance, we never had to haggle or justify any purchases. They have been amazingly easy to work with. We highly recommend them.

Jan 20, 2020    tam888

"Horace Mann is A+"

I can’t remember exactly how long we’ve been with Horace Mann, we had renters insurance with them first, we now have homeowners insurance, i would say it must be around 15 years...Horace Mann is an exceptional insurance company. Customers are really a priority for them, everyone we have dealt with from the agent to claims’ adjusters have always had our best interests as their number 1 priority. I highly recommend them!

Nov 17, 2019   Norwichbird

"Good company for the budget minded"

This company has been serving my wife and me for over 10 years. We bought them because they are recommended for education professionals due to their low prices compared to the larger companies out there. we have been happy with the service; they came out and gave us a jump and did not take too long, they handled our accident claims (all 2 of them) with minimal hassle, and they have not raised our rate much at all during the time we have been a customer.

July 17, 2019    spawn9997

"Quality insurance"

We are happy with the policies that we have with Horace Mann. Our premiums are very competitive with our previous carrier and we had been clients of our old carrier for 20+ years.

Horace Mann is easy to work with and the local agents give us just the right amount of attention.

June 11, 2019    TomW43

"Horace Mann is wonderful"

Horace Mann is wonderful. They help teachers with insurance in a diligent manner helping us make decisions with something that could be quite expensive and misunderstood. They make it simple and easy to comprehend.

Mar 29, 2019    238Pryor

"Great Company"

Horace Mann has great agents and provide a great experience for me and my family. Their claims process was easy and their response time was quick.

Mar 12, 2019    KLeigh

"Great service"

While they don't always notify me of changes (okay- this has happened twice in the 10 years I've been with them, so.... ) they provide excellent support and customer care, and have always been transparent about what's happening with claims and what to expect.

Jan 4, 2019    Cariboul

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