Educator Advantage®

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The Homeowner Educator Advantage® Endorsement provides additional coverage to educators with a Horace Mann property policy (home, renter and condo) at no extra charge.

With our home policy

Your lowest deductible will be waived if your home and auto(s) are damaged in the same occurrence.

You’re covered if money or goods for a school-sponsored event are stolen while they’re in your possession.

You’ll be reimbursed for:

  • The replacement of keys or rekeying of locks for your home and auto if your keys are stolen
  • Your monthly mortgage or rent payment if your residence is uninhabitable due to a covered loss

You’ll pay no deductible on the first $1,000 of coverage:

  • If your personal property is stolen from a vehicle that is parked on or near school property or at a school-sponsored event
  • For a covered loss if your personal property is being used for educational activities away from home

All educator customers also receive our Identity Fraud Advocacy Services Endorsement with their property policy at no additional charge. To learn more about Educator Advantage® and the availability in your state, contact your Horace Mann insurance agent.

Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates underwrite Horace Mann auto and homeowners insurance. The benefits listed are only general descriptions of coverage, do not constitute a statement of contract, are subject to terms and conditions and may vary by state.

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