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At Horace Mann, we understand time and convenience is valuable to those who dedicate their lives to serving their communities — especially educators. That’s why we’re striving to exceed our customers’ expectations and focusing on ways to make doing business with us easier.

We’re investing in our infrastructure – modernizing our administrative systems to enhance our insurance products and improve your experience with us.

What this means for you

More payment options

  • Choose your payment due date
  • More payment plan options like monthly, quarterly and pay-in-full plans

Simpler billing

  • Option to receive one bill for all of your auto, home and umbrella policies
  • Improved online payment functionality
  • Ability to use debit, credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) for automatic payments

Less paper and simplified documents

  • Simplified contracts, coverage descriptions, ID card and correspondence
  • All of your vehicles can be on a single policy — reducing the amount of paperwork you receive

Frequently asked questions


Q: How will the system update change my experience with Horace Mann?

A: The updates we’re making will reduce the time it takes to process updates to your account, insure all your vehicles on a single policy, and give you the option to have your car and property insurance on a single account bill. We’re also enhancing your billing options, including letting you pick the day of the month your payment is due.

Q: Which types of accounts will be impacted by the system update?

A: Your auto, property and umbrella policies will transition to the new system. In addition, you’ll have expanded options for paying your insurance and making contributions to your retirement account.

Q: When will my policies transition to the new system?

A: As your policies renew, they will transition to the new system. You will receive notices as this transition occurs. To ensure that we have your most current contact information, please log in to your account online or call us at 800-999-1030.

Q: What options for paperless documents will I have?

A: You will be able to enroll in paperless document delivery for your auto and your retirement account statements. To enroll in paperless, register or log in to your account and update the My Profile (eCommunications) section.

Q: Will I have access to my accounts online during the update?

A: Yes, except for very short periods of time. You will be able to log in to your account online. You may see some changes to how your account information is displayed and new payment options available to you.


Q: What is a multi-vehicle policy?

A: A multi-vehicle policy is designed for households with more than one vehicle and provides coverage for all listed vehicles under a single policy. If you have had more than one car insured with us, moving to a multi-vehicle policy will be simpler to manage, and you’ll experience fewer mailings of policy documents.

Q: Am I required to have all my cars insured under one policy?

A: No, but there are many benefits including fewer accounts to manage, fewer mailings, easier payments and, in some cases lower total fees.

Q: I have more than one auto insurance policy today. What will my renewal date be when all the policies are combined?

A: When all your cars are on one policy, your new renewal date will match the renewal date of the policy that first comes up for renewal after the system upgrade. You will receive notices from us telling you when your auto policies may merge, as well as options that may be available to you. Please log in to your account online or call us to ensure that we have your most current contact information.

Q: Will my policy numbers change?

A: Yes, you will receive new policy numbers for your auto, property and umbrella policies when your accounts transition to the new system.


Q: Will this system upgrade cost me more money?

A: There will be no incremental cost to you as a result of the upgrade to our policy system. However, your rate is re-calculated at each renewal to reflect the most current information about your cars, drivers and other factors. As a result, you may see a price change at the same time that your policy moves to the upgraded system.

Q: What is consolidated billing?

A: Consolidated billing allows you to consolidate all of your auto, property and umbrella policies into one bill. There are many benefits to a consolidated bill including easier payment management, less paper, and in some cases, lower total fees.

Q: When I have a multi-vehicle policy, will I receive one bill for all of my vehicles?

A: Yes, you will receive one convenient bill for all cars listed on the policy. You can choose to pay by the month, quarterly or in full. If for any reason your vehicles do not combine to a multi-vehicle policy and you would like to consolidate them, please contact your Horace Mann representative.

Q: What are the new payment options?

A: Once your account has moved to the new system, you will have the option to select the day of the month for your payment due date. You can choose to pay by the month, quarterly, or in full, and you can set up automatic payments by bank EFT, debit card or credit card. To learn more about these options, call us at 800-999-1030 or reach out to your Horace Mann representative.


Q: What new enhanced coverage options may be available to me?

A: We’re offering new coverage options (e.g. ride-share coverage or better car replacement). To learn more about options in your state, call us at 800-999-1030 or reach out to your Horace Mann representative.

Q: Why did the name of my Liability Plus coverage change to Personal Umbrella coverage?

A: We changed the name of our “Liability Plus” coverage to “Personal Umbrella” coverage to align our language with a more commonly used term, making it easier to understand the policy type and coverage.

Our goal as a company is to help you protect what you have today and prepare for a successful tomorrow. We are excited about the future and maintaining your trust in us as your insurance provider.

If you still have questions, we would love to help. You can reach one our representatives Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. CT at 800-999-1030 or use our agent locator to find your local representative.

To review your policy coverages, log in to your account.

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