What to do if you’re affected by Hurricane Florence

Your safety is our top priority. Please heed recommendations from local authorities.

We’re ready to help customers affected by Hurricane Florence, and we’re available 24 hours a day at 800-999-1030 if you need to submit a claim.

In order to make the claims process as quick as possible, it’s best to provide the following information if it’s available:

  • • Your policy number
  • • The best phone number and email to reach you in the next 24 hours

Please be safe

What’s covered?

Horace Mann’s homeowner policy covers wind damages subject to the exclusions and limitations specified in your individual policy. While hurricanes produce violent windstorms, flooding can be the most damaging element of a hurricane. Flood damage is not covered by a homeowner policy, but may be covered by an additional flood insurance policy.

The “comprehensive” coverage in an automobile insurance policy generally pays for hurricane damage to a vehicle.

What to do after filing a claim:

  • • Use sand bags, tarps or other materials to prevent additional damage to your home.
  • • Keep receipts of any materials or services purchased to make repairs. Remember, if the damage resulted from a flood, you must have flood insurance to receive payment for the repairs.
  • • Take photos of any damage to your home and personal belongings before disposing of the items. Share copies of the photos with your claims counselor.

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