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Stop paying for your past.
Start investing in your future.

We know that educators are more likely to stay in education if their student loans are forgiven. That’s why we’ve helped put educators on the path to more than $350 million in student loan forgiveness.*

All public school employees with federal loans can qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

two percent graph.

Educators that have applied for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

ninety-eight percent graph.

Educators that have applied and have been rejected

eighty percent graph.

Problems that are preventable with the right tools and support

Source: "The Educator's 'GI Bill'" white paper.

We can help you find out if you qualify for forgiveness, determine the best payment plan and help you successfully apply using our comprehensive methodology.


*Potential savings of educators assisted by Horace Mann with Public Service Loan Forgiveness from October 2016 through 2020 based on assumptions established by the U.S. Office of Federal Student Aid. Monthly and annual savings are based on 2020 only. For more information regarding the U.S. Office of Federal Student Aid assumptions, refer to www.studentaid.gov/loan-simulator.

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation. Horace Mann's Student Loan Solutions program includes services provided by a third party. Horace Mann is a private, independent company not affiliated with the Department of Education or the federal government. Horace Mann does not negotiate, adjust or settle debts. No assistance provided by Horace Mann constitutes official action for purposes of student loan forgiveness programs or guaranteed results. Horace Mann’s Student Loan Solutions program terms are subject to change.


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