Auto Insurance Claim Tips

Car in accident

Horace Mann is committed to being there for you during that moment of truth when you need your insurance most.  If you are in an accident or sustain damage to your vehicle that is insured by Horace Mann, following these steps can help ensure your peace of mind immediately after the incident and throughout the claim process:

First Steps to Take

  • Remain calm.  If you’ve been in an accident, move your vehicle to a safe location (if possible), and check to see if anyone is injured.
  • Call 911 for medical, and/or police assistance (if applicable).  If the police are contacted, retain the officer’s name and phone number, as well as the police report number.
  • If another vehicle is involved in an accident, exchange insurance and contact information.  Do not admit fault.
  • Document what happened.  (Recording a voice note on your cell phone can help you remember key facts later.)  Take photographs of the damage to both vehicles and the accident site, if possible.
  • Contact Horace Mann to report your claim as soon as possible.  Call toll-free at 800-999-1030 or visit the online Claims Center.  Have your Horace Mann policy number ready.  You should also notify your agent that you need to report a claim.  

We believe in making the claim process as easy as possible and pride ourselves on delivering world-class claim service to our customers.  Your Horace Mann claim counselor will work with you throughout the claim process to make sure you’re protected and all of your needs are met.    

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