Repairing Your Home

If a disaster strikes, you may need to take immediate action to reduce any further loss or damage to your property.  In this event, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  • Use sand bags, tarps or other materials to prevent additional water damage, if necessary.
  • Take photos of any damage to your home and personal belongings before disposing of the items.  Provide copies of the photos to your claim adjuster.
  • Keep receipts of any materials or services purchased to make emergency repairs, as well as any receipts for additional living expenses.

Please also remember to report your claim to Horace Mann as soon as possible:  

As part of our expedited catastrophe claims process, your adjuster may recommend a pre-approved, quality contractor in your area through our A+ Home Program.  If you accept your adjuster’s recommendation, the adjuster will arrange to have your A+ Home Program contractor contact you that same day to set up an appointment.

All work done by A+ Home Program is backed by a three-year limited service guarantee.  Plus, all contractors under the program go through a thorough background check and are evaluated on experience and proven financial ability.   

If you prefer to use the contractor of your choice, we recommend a licensed and bonded contractor who has operated in the area for several years and who will provide a written guarantee for the work performed.  Keep all receipts for your claims adjuster. 

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