Horace Mann awards more than $10,000 in DonorsChoose.org funding

Completes 35 DonorsChoose.org projects in 17 states

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (December 23, 2019) – Horace Mann donated more than $10,000 to 35 educators in its Fall Into Funding Sweepstakes. The company, which helps educators achieve their financial goals, began the contest as educators returned to school and it just concluded. DonorsChoose.org provides a way for teachers to post classroom project requests allowing donors to identify and choose projects to support. Educator projects completed included requests for a mini fridge, art canvases, flexible seating and more.

Rebecca McElhannon teaches seventh grade at Bismarck Middle School in Bismarck, Arkansas. She requested a mini fridge for a lunch program she started for her students. “One day a week, I will have student volunteers come to my room to help classmates on course work. Students will peer tutor while enjoying lunch with students that may not be in their friend circle,” said McElhannon. “I would like to provide a mini-fridge so that they may bring their lunches and store them in the room.”

Sixth grade educator, Becca Yates’ project, requested basic supplies for her classroom. “I try to keep things on hand for students to grab so that students can spend less time worrying about having materials and more time focusing on the more important things such as learning math, science, reading, language arts, and social studies.”

Educators entered throughout the fall with at least five winners randomly drawn on the third Monday of every month during the promotion. “We partner with DonorsChoose.org because it’s a great solution for educators to get the tools they need for their classrooms,” said Horace Mann President and CEO, Marita Zuraitis. “We know educators spend their hard-earned money on supplies, and this allows them to save some money to invest in their future, while also making a difference in the futures of their students.”

About Horace Mann
Horace Mann (Horace Mann Educators Corp. (NYSE:HMN)) is the largest financial services company focused on providing America’s educators and school employees with insurance and retirement solutions. Founded by Educators for Educators® in 1945, the company is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. For more information about the company, visit horacemann.com.

Contact: Michelle Eccles, Horace Mann, (217) 788-5394, michelle.eccles@horacemann.com.


Some Things Need to Stay Cold!, Rebecca McElhannon, Bismarck Middle School, Bismarck

Young Artists Rackin' Up Art!, Vickie Lemp, Albert Pike Elementary School, Fort Smith


Artists in Training, Leah Dobek, Hancock Elementary School, San Diego

Kinder, Kinder, What Do You Hear?, Valerie Dungan, Hancock Elementary School, San Diego


Being a Green Machine, Sharyl Kastens, Waltersville Elementary School, Bridgeport


Dear Dry Erase, I Learn Through Mistakes!, Portia Dhanasekaran, Dunaire Elementary School, Stone Mountain

Heading Into Digital Literacy, Suzi Mathis, Turner County Elementary School, Ashburn

Headphones Will Help Us Learn!, Cathy Russell, Dorothy Heights Elementary School,


The Art of Family Engagement!, Melissa Hunt, IT Stoddard Elementary School, Blackfoot

Let's Project It and See It, Alicia Cody, IT Stoddard Elementary School, Blackfoot


Back to the Basics, Rebecca Yates, Anna Junior High School, Anna

Middle School Students Need to Socialize, Jennifer Weter, MacArthur Middle School, Berkeley


Help Them Learn to Love to Read and Spread Compassion, Amy Tucker, Maranacook Middle School, Readfield

Zooming in On Science with Macro Lens Photography, Kelsey Frost, Dike-Newell School, Bath


Where's My Book?, Candace Flauaus, Grant Elementary School, Grant

Liven Up Our Library: Part III, Kaitlyn Crane, Mayfield Elementary School, Lapeer


Powered-up with Learning, Lynn Raynor, James Traditional Elementary School, Kansas City

Make Our Walls Come to Life, Kim Voss, Washington High School, Washington

North Carolina

Learning Extravaganza, Tabitha Johnson, North Drive Elementary School, Goldsboro

N25K Running Team, Year 2, Sandra Harris, Northside Elementary School, Elizabeth City

One Team, One Fight, Sarah Hirai, Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville


Diversity and Tolerance, Soraya Javaher, Kendall-Whittier Elementary School, Tulsa


Wobble with It!, Jennifer Gorzelsky, Penn Lincoln Elementary School, Altoona

Health Education Material, Jeffrey Stepansky, Juniata Park Academy, Philadelphia

Stop! It's Carpet Time...Let's Discuss, Danica LaKari, John C. Diehl Elementary School, Erie

A Flexible Fit, Kelly Ziegenfus, Parkway Manor Elementary School, Allentown

South Carolina

Wiggle, Wiggle, STOP!, Carly Painter, Woodland Heights Elementary School, Spartansburg

Meeting Students' Needs, Whitney Camacho, McColl Elementary Middle School, McColl


Getting Cozy in the Classroom- Flex Seating - Part II, Teresa Floch, Middle College High School, Memphis


Tape Club!, Pamela Walker, Greenfield Elementary School, Fort Worth

PBIS Interactive Activities!, Carlos Esparza, Kindred Elementary School

Writing With Voice, Cynthia Coronado, Armando Leal Junior Middle School, San Antonio

Stability STEM Learning, Rosie Perez, Bruce Aiken Elementary School, Brownsville


Organize Us!, Kayleigh Critzer, Roanoke Academy Math & Science, Roanoke


Reading Roundup Part 2!, Susie Goneau, Random Lake Elementary School, Random Lake

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