2019 Educator Giveaways

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Throughout 2019, we're honoring educators across the country with a series of DonorsChoose.org sweepstakes to help fund a brighter future for you and your students.

Current Giveaways

Now through Dec. 13, 2019, we’ll draw winners who will each receive DonorsChoose.org dollars.

During this giveaway, there’s $10,000 to go around – and you could win funding for your DonorsChoose.org project!

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Future Giveaway(s)

Apple a day

American Education Week - Nov. 18 - 22

You must read and agree to the terms and conditions of each giveaway before submitting your entry to win. Terms and conditions will vary by giveaway and will be posted when the giveaway entry link is live. The contests will offer prizes valued up to $500.

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